Computers In Life:

For most people computers have now become an inseparable part of their life, whether it be for work, pleasure or both, and most professions now require the use of at least one computer, an e-mail account and the internet; though most businesses now use computers for a lot more besides that, such as online banking, research, social media, and office programs such as Excel, Powerpoint & Word, not to mention that expensive specialised software that is vital for your profession.

Now computers are great when they work like new and do all that you expect of them; however, hardware-wise a wide variety of computer parts can, and do, break down at a moment’s notice and software-wise incompatibilies, overheating and viruses can stop a program working properly, or even an important file from opening; these types of things usually seem to happen just when you need your computer the most, and how much time and money have you wasted in the past due to computer problems such as these?

What most people do not realise is that having a local IT support guy on hand to do regular computer maintenance, on all computers, can help prevent a lot of this from happening, and can resolve problems quickly, as and when they do happen; in these cases IT support can make your life a whole lot more simple, and less embarrassing and frustrating; we have all heard of the phrase “Time is money”, so how much money have you lost in the past due to computer problems that could have been be prevented? Remember prevention is always better than the cure.

I believe that “Healthy Computers Make Happy Users”, so why not be proactive, rather than reactive, and keep yours computers running smoothly for as long as possible, by using Discere Faciendo your local IT Support.

Author: David Williamson – IT Consultant & Trainer
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