Healthy Computers Make Happy Users:

We all know that Healthy Computers Make Happy Users, so look after your computer and avoid Agonossiation; a poorly computer cannot look after you!

If you do have a computer problem that you cannot resolve, maybe I can help! It does not cost anything to ask, and there are no stupid questions.

Asking for help could save you many hours of anxiety and stress, and some things can be resolved through advice alone.


1:- The feeling of frustration, anger and irritation caused by electronic devices, especially computer devices, that just do not seem to do what they are designed to do.

2:- The feeling of rage experienced when, for the umpteenth time, Windows has crashed before you have managed to save that vital bit of work.

3:- The feeling of rage brought on by distress due to a hardware or software problem which the enraged person is unable to correct.

4:- If you ever feel any symptoms of Agonossiation, I can help by resolving the problem; remember Healthy Computers Make Happy Users!

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