Computer Protection:

Healthy Computers make Happy Users, and protecting your computer against Trojans, Worms & Viruses is essential for a Healthy Computer.

If you would like free advice on protecting your laptop or PC, let me know and I will help out where I can; all computers need protecting!

Protecting Computers: You need a Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Program, which all need to be kept updated; free versions are OK!

A Firewall is a program that sits between your computer and the internet, forming a barrier against incoming attacks; your first defence.

Anti-Virus programs protect against a number of different threats, including Trojans, Worms & Viruses, but cannot stop brand new threats.

Anti-Virus software protects you against Viruses from e-mails and internet; some Anti-Virus software will include Anti-Malware tools.

Anti-Malware programs protect against malicious software that downloads to your computer without your knowledge, which can include spyware!

Anti-Malware programs check for and eliminate malicious software within programs that you have chosen to install, but cannot kill new ones!

All new laptops usually come with an Anti-Virus program installed; however, it may only work temporarily unless you pay for it.

Do not try to run two Anti-Virus programs together; this can cause you several problems; uninstall the old before installing the new.

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